Friday, January 3, 2014

Cereal Box Mail Sorter

So, I decided to make something to sort our messy pile of mail.  I then started to search Pinterest for something that appealed to me.  I finally found a style I liked and thought, hmmm I could probably make that out of cereal boxes.  Since I don't eat cereal, I had all of my friends saving their cereal boxes for me :).  After some time and elbow grease, this is what I came up with.

So, after I had gathered my cereal boxes from my friends, I went looking for scrapbooking paper that fit the design idea I had in my head.  Since my living room decor is safari/animal print, I found papers that would fit into that theme.

First I made a stencil, then I traced that stencil onto the cereal boxes and then cut along the stencil line.  I then glued the 3 cereal boxes together.

I then covered the back, sides, and part of the front with brown faux leather paper.

I then covered the back and front of the inside of the 3 cereal boxes with green palm tree paper.

I then covered the sides of the inside of the cereal boxes with animal print paper.  I did each box a separate animal using giraffe, zebra, and leopard print paper.

For the bottom of the insides of the cereal boxes I used a grey paper.  On all four sides of the outside I used green hand made paper to add texture, ripping the top edge also.  In the front I stapled on a scrap piece of burlap I had.

I had papers that had borders on the bottom of animals.  On the sides and back I used the giraffe border (this took 2 sheets of 12x12 paper) and on the front I used the elephant border.  I adhered a Tim Holtz name plate to the front of each box.

For the names in the name plates I hand cut them out of paper, wrote the label on them, and then put liquid glass from close to my heart over them (this helps so the ink doesn't smear and the paper doesn't get dirty).  I then glued them into the name plates.  Oh and I did that before I adhered them to the cereal boxes.  For the feet, I found some miniature wooden urns that I liked.  I first painted them brown and then I used a bronze glaze over that then glued them onto the bottom of the boxes.  TADA!!!!  I was super excited with how it all turned out.  It fits the decor in my living room and looks so much better than the messy pile we had.  Now...if I could just get my husband to empty his mail out of there...!

Stay Crafty!

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