Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My friend Casey's bachelorette party was on Halloween weekend.  She did a costume theme for the party.  Casey dressed up as a zombie bride and Kelly and I dressed up as zombie bridesmaids.  We made quite an awesome zombie bridal party!  I wanted to make her something crafty to remember the event.  I saw a couple different links for exploding boxes on Pinterest and thought that would be a perfect crafty item.  I used Halloween themed cardstock and embellishments.  I even surprised myself by how cool the finished product is!

Here is a view from the side and from the top.  I did three layers for my box.  This is the out side layer, front and back.  Some of the pictures were too big for the small squares so I cut the pictures in half and put them next to each other on the folds.  Lining up the spider web border was a bit frustrating.  I wanted to make sure that when I folded the box up that all the spider webs made a continuous line around the box.

Here is the middle layer, front and back.  I did not put pictures in the center because once I glue all the pieces together you won't see the center.

Here is the inside layer, front and back.  I did put a picture in the middle on one side.  When you open the box up you will be able to see this side.  Sorry about the glare on some of the pictures...

Here is the box put together.  The middle and inner layers are still folded up like a box and you can see the outside layer.

Here the outer and middle layers are unfolded.  You can see why I put the picture in the middle of the final layer.

Now all layers are unfolded.  Again, the glare sucks but you get the general idea.

Then you fold each layer up and put on the lid and you have a beautiful box of pictures!

For the lid...I used a drawer pull knob as the handle.  Then I glued some black crotchet flowers around the knob.  I used purple fun fur yarn to attach some metal charms.  I used a snake, skull, and 2 spiders.  Then I put washi tape around the edge.

Happy Crafting!

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