Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lamp shade

So the other day I was on Pinterest (big surprise!) and I saw these cool felt flowers on a lampshade.  I thought that was the perfect way to dress up my lampshade!  For supplies I had 2 pieces of ivory felt and Spare Parts brads from Hobby Lobby, and designer brads from close to my heart.  The lampshade I've had for awhile.

So above are the brads I used, I wanted a different brad for each flower for variety.

Above are the flowers I cut out.  I made three sizes per flower, small, medium, and large.  To cut the flowers I made a little snip (you can see the snip in the middle) inserted the brad I wanted and basically free cut the flower around the brad.  I then but the second layer on and cut that around the 1st layer just a bit larger, and then the same with the 3rd layer.  To add dimension I added a stitch to each petal on the 2nd and 3rd layers.  I then put them all back on the brad and turned the leaves until I liked how they looked.  To attach them to the lampshade I just used a single stitch and tied them on.  I played with them a bit first to find that perfect layout.  

Here is the finished product.

Some up close pics.

And the entire finished product!!!!  The whole thing took me about 1 1/2 hrs to finish.  Looks so awesome in our bedroom!!!  Hope you enjoyed this post!  Thanks for stopping by!